Glam Hippies is the collaboration of a Tribe conscious, forward thinking women who are passionate about bringing Vegan & Cruelty Free products to the mainstream.

Enter the term "Glam Hippies". 

What exactly is a Glam Hippie you may ask? Well, let us start here.  

Hippies in the 60's and 70's fought for free love, recreational drug use, freedom of speech, respect for the environment, and, of course, against war, which isn't so far off from today's "modern hippies".  Todays Modern Hippies (according to the Urban Dictionary) Are people that "do what they want, wear what they want and say how they feel. They promote peace and love, they are some of the most chilled people & they don't let anything bother them. Not all hippies do drugs and have low hygiene. They love nature and animals and 99% of them are vegans."

Pretty accurate. 

GLAM HIPPIES are all that plus they love and appreciate beauty, getting dressed and throwing on a pair of heels every now and then. They aren't afraid to combine their love for nature honoring their inner flower child, with a dose of Beyonce's alter ego "Sasha Fierce".

 Call it contradictory, but we call it the best of both worlds.

"To Love Beauty is to see Light"

©2018 by Glam Hippies.

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